The Bonch-Bruevich St.Petersburg State University (SPbSUT) is glad to announce below the "Traffic recognition and Long-term traffic forecasting based on AI algorithms and metadata for 5G/IMT-2020 and beyond", which is organized as part of the “ITU Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning in 5G Challenge.”


It is mandatory filling the registration form at "ITU Registration Form" to officially participate in this challenge. To participate in this challenge, the following rules must be satisfied:

  • You can participate in teams of up to 4 members (i.e., 1-4 members). All the team members should be announced at the beginning (in the registration form) and will be considered to have an equal contribution;
  • The proposed solutions must be fundamentally based on ML models;
  • The proposed solution cannot use network simulation tools;
  • Solutions must be trained only with samples included in the training dataset we provide. It is not allowed to use additional data obtained from other datasets or synthetically generated;
  • During the evaluation process, each team can submit a maximum of 2 solutions (report) per day (make all changes in review mode). In total, teams can make up to 3 evaluation submissions. In case of receiving more submissions, only the first submissions up to these limits will be considered;
  • The challenge is open to all participants except members of the organizing team and its associated research group “SPbSUT team”.

  • Contact and updates

    Please, contact us, if you will have questions on the challenge task. Mailing list (use the three addresses at the same time, for example, one is the main and others put in the copy):
  • artemanv.work@gmail.com
  • ammarexpress@gmail.com
  • alirefaee@azhar.edu.eg
  • Organizers and Experts

    Artem N. Volkov

    PhD Student, Researcher

    Ali Refaee Abdellah

    PhD Student, Researcher

    Dr.Vasiliy S. Elagin

    Head of the PhD depatment

    Dr.Ammar Muthanna

    Head of SDN laboratory, PhD